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The bird watching sites have been changed so that both the maps (the main sites one and the much larger gazetteer now use the Ordnance Survey maps. I think these are better than the google maps for our purposes. These on-line Ordnance Survey maps are also far more up-to-date than many on the internet, such as the Multimap ones. However the Ordnance Survey maps have no satellite view associated with them, so here's where you can find the google maps.

Nottinghamshire Bird Status

A photographic list of the status of some of Nottinghamshire's birds. The pages have been changed to follow the latest BOU British list order. O/K I know they don't quite follow that list yet, for instance, the Spotted Flycatcher isn't a flycatcher anymore, or is that a flycatcher and the Pied isn't? A list can be downloaded from the downloads page.


Some downloads for your perusal, includes a British birds list (updated to the middle of 2012) and a list of status of Nottinghamshire Birds. The BOU have made drastic changes to the "British Bird" list, so don't be surprised if you cannot find anything!

Trip Reports

A trip report for a voyage from Cape Town to Southampton has been added.


Bird related news from Nottinghamshire, and further afield. Defra intend to eradicate the Monk Parakeet from the wild.

Bird Notes

Some personal scribblings on local birds

Local Nottinghamshire Bird Clubs

This page gives details of some of the local natural history societies. The Netherfield Wildlife group have a new website.

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Last updated 26th April 2012